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Visitor III

2015 Return...question about other options for amount owed

hello again...


Purchased the 2015 software...& at the end of filling out my return, there was no option for a partial payment (can't afford the entire payment; & going to send a partial payment).  [I'm already on a payment plan w/ the IRS for previous years returns...& for the notice they sent me on my 2015 return, I have some credit in the form of prior quarterlys paid]. 

But aside from that, I didn't select either option at the end of the process; & just saved my return file.  Is there a way to go back & opt for a partial payment? (since I noticed TurboTax did give me a 'Payment Voucher' in the *.pdf file, for the full amount owed).




B Smith


(btw...gonna post 2 more questions...3 questions here seemed like too much)