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Visitor III

Turbotax delayed efile for 48 hours!

TurboTax has SOME kind of obligation to let us know if they intend to delay e-filing our returns because we used a different email address!   


It's Turbotax that forced me to have to use a different email, anyway. They kept telling me, every time I signed back in, that they had filed my return. I would find out they had not, but Turbotax did keep up this message every time in February. It was scary. So I changed some of my info so they couldn't possibly file it, the personal info was bogus. When I had to reset my password after waiting awhile til one of the forms was ready, Turbotax locked me out of that account. I got the texts just fine, they kept saying the text was invalid! It was NOT, it was exactly the code they texted me. So I had to start all over again with a new email. Ok. There was that. 


NOW, I find that they sent an email to my OLD email telling me they weren't going to efile like I thought they had. I had to call them. I did, and they said ok, everything is fine. But now, since I've been lied to so much I have NO idea whether my return actually was efiled as they said. At what point do the lies stop?