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Tax amendment not showing any federal refund

I have already filled 2017 tax returns and already received refund.

later  on I received letter from my mortgage company that they haven't included Mortgage insurance premium (PMI) in original form 1098. so I have started amendment on Turbox tax site and enter my PMI amount, but nothing is reflecting on refund amount. it is still showing $0.


will site show updated refund amount? if it still no refund then can I cancel my amendment? what should I do?

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TurboTax Specialist

Tax amendment not showing any federal refund

If your AGI exceeds limits listed here How do I amend to claim mortgage insurance premiums (corrected Form 1098)?, you don't need to amend your return.
And the information found here Can I deduct mortgage insurance (PMI or MIP)? is also helpful.