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Stolen computer: How to amend a return for 2016?

I used Turbo Tax to file my taxes in 2016.  I now realize my return had a line duplicated in the dividends section which doubled by divended income.  I want to file an amended return.  The problem is, I no longer have my return because the computer on which I did the return was stolen.  But I know Intuit (Turbo Tax) still has the 2016 return, because they uploaded the info when I did by 2017 return yesterday.


Is there some way I can get my return from 2016 back so I can file an amended return?  

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TurboTax Specialist

Stolen computer: How to amend a return for 2016?

If you used the desktop version to complete your 2016 return, your tax files are saved on your computer. TurboTax does not have access to these files except when you initiate the transfer in the 2017 program.  The transferred data is accomplished by accessing your tax files stored on your computer. If you no longer have your computer, then you can get a free transcript from the IRS to access your 2016 date to complete your amendment.


Get transcript


How do I amend?



If you used an online version, then simply log into your account to begin the 2016 amendment.