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Should I amend my tax return once I receive a correct 1099-R form?

I am filing my tax return without the 1099-R form included. I am not sure how to include this information, as the system kept asking me questions about the distribution code. I moved a few times last year, so when I finally got all of my forwarding mail, I received 4 1099-R forms. I asked my old employer, to verify this and how many 1099-R forms was I suppose to receive. I did withdraw the funds from both my Roth and IRA so I was expecting to receive the forms. My old employer said I was suppose to receive a total of 2. Now two of  the forms have the same amount ($3877) in box 1, but the first form has a taxable amount ($3877) in box 2a with Distribution code 1. The second for has a zero amount in box 2a with a Distribution code G. The third form has the amount of ($3985) in box 1 and in 2a ($255) with a Distribution code B. I tried entering the third 1099-R form and soon as I clicked on submit, the system said there was an error in box 2a and that there shouldn't be an amount over '0'. AlSo I am thinking since I don't have alot of time, that  I should go ahead an file and when I get my retirement forms clarified, than I amend through a tax preparer. Sorry for the message. If anyone reads this before the tax deadline and can advise me what to do, that would be helpful. Thanks.

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Should I amend my tax return once I receive a correct 1099-R form?

Follow up with the employer in regards to which two 1099-R forms are the correct forms and enter only those two forms. If you can't resolve that issue, then go ahead and file now and amend later.


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