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My return was file disappeared...WTF!

My return that I filed using a Turbotax CD...was rejected....then when I went to open the program and "fix" whatever error there was as if I had never file at all!! No file....nothing! 


This is a nightmare....I owed the IRS (according to Turbo Tax calc) over $ 7000.00--now I can even find return I filed!!

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TurboTax Specialist

My return was file disappeared...WTF!

Did you save that return as a tax data file on your computer? When you file using the CD/Download versions, you have to save the return as either a tax data file or PDF to your computer. It's not saved the same as if you are using TurboTax Online version. 


Please see here How do I get a copy of a tax return prepared with the TurboTax CD/Download software?


And if you did save the tax data file, you can open that in the software to fix the rejection. 


Use the steps here  Find your data file on your computer (in Windows) to find the tax data file if you are using a Windows PC. 

And use the steps here  Find Your Tax Data File in Mac if you are using a Mac computer.