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I filed my 1040 return twice

Hey, I filed my tax twice, and I want to know what should I do. 


On April 15, I e-filed my 2017 Fed and CA tax return through turbo tax.  After one day later, I did not receive the acknowledge email so I am afraid my e-file may not go through. I printed out my tax form and mail it to IRS on April 17 (The due date is April 17).  In my mail form, I also made some adjusting because I thought my e-filed one was not gone through and my wife suggests me to make some changes.  In both of my return, I owe money: in the efiled one, I give the IRS my bank account, in paper one, I enclosed a check (the check amount is bigger than the efiled one because I made some adjustment and I found I owe more money). 

A week later, I found both my check and direct deposit is cleared (I double paid), and I got an email that my e-filed one has been processed and cleared. So apparently I filed the tax twice and I also double paid my tax. What should I do from now? Should I write a letter to IRS and ask them to refund money? And because my e-file has been processed and finalized, should I ask IRS to stop process my mail one and give me refund? 


What I want to know is:

1. How does IRS process my paper return? Will they just reject it or will they do something?

2. My efile is actually more accurate because I did my second one in rush, and I made mistake (I should not take my wife's suggests and I should talk with CPA). Since my efiled one has been accept and process, is this considered to be the right filing from IRS point of view?


I also mailed both fed and ca return to fed address (this is another mistake I made). Any advice and what happened to my second paper filing? Any help will be appreciated.