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Homebuyer Credit Repayment - Home as part of a divoce settlement

I bought a home in 2008 with Homebuyer Credit. I moved out of that home in 2014 and loss the house to my ex-wife in a divorce settlement. According to IRS rules, I no longer have to make that repayment. I am trying to file 2017 tax with this Turbo Tax Deluxe I bought from Costco. When I select Homebuyer Credit Repayment, software asks me if that home is still my primary resident. When I answer "No", the software told me it will remove 5405 form. IRS rejected my submission multiple times because its missing 5405 and on their record, I am still on the repayment plan. I remember I have no problem with this in past years using TurboTax online. What can I do to resolve this issue?