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Federal return (eFile) rejected because of mistake with claiming dependent.

My adult son lives away from home, but my wife and I still provide more (way more) than half his financial support.  He lost his job in early 2017, and was unemployed the rest of the year.  Despite not making enough money to require filing a return, he did so anyway, and got himself a refund. Now, my federal and state e-filings are being rejected because I claimed him as a dependent.  I don't want to mail my returns, because I don't want any "surprises" from the IRS down the road. This mistake is adding over $1100 to what I already owe.  Is there a way around this? Can we file an amended return later on in the year and get the difference refunded? Can my son "un-file" and return his refund, clearing the way for me to legitimately claim him as a dependent?

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Federal return (eFile) rejected because of mistake with claiming dependent.

Did your son make less than$4,050? If not, then you won't be able to claim him. If he did make less than that, then he would have to amend his tax return and remove his exemption in order for you to claim him.


The amending process takes a long time (up to 16 weeks). Mailing your return would be required if you plan on claiming his exemption before his amended return is complete. You won't be able to efile. See some other useful links below.


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