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Downloaded PDF tax return is wrong version after having to re-eFile

This is a bug with TurboTax Online - After completing my tax return, efiling, and downloading the PDF of the completed return, my return was rejected by the IRS. I corrected the mistake (which changed my refund) and re-efiled to fed and state. It was accepted. The next day, I logged back in to turbotax to download the accepted return. However, in all interfaces except one, the downloaded file of "2017_TaxReturn.pdf" was the original version of my tax return that was rejected. The only interface where I could download the corrected version was clicking in to "My Docs" from bottom right side of  - once on the My Docs page ( , I can then download the correct and accepted 2017 return, which is named differently as "2017 TurboTax fed return.pdf".  It would appear the download interfaces in the dashboard are referencing the wrong PDF document.

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TurboTax Specialist

Downloaded PDF tax return is wrong version after having to re-eFile

Yes, that Download/print PDF link usually takes a while to update. But if you use Print Center to print, it will give you the most up to date version each time. Steps to do this can be found below. 


**If your return is still active and you are inside the return, you can click on Tax Tools on the left, and then Print Center.


**If your return thinks you have already printed and filed, these are directions to Print Center.

  • Log into the account you filed the return in
  • Click Tax Home to the left
  • Scroll down to Your tax returns & documents and click Show
  • Select Add a State to get back in return (not adding one, just a way to get inside return)
  • In the left hand-menu, select Tax Tools.
  • Select Print Center.
  • Then choose Print, save or preview this year’s return.
  • Now check the 2017 federal returns (or 2017 state returns) box and choose which forms to print out or all worksheets.
  • Select View or print forms, then go ahead and print.

NOTE: If you correct something after a reject or amend the return, it works better to print from Print Center.