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Visitor II

Discount code / link doesn't work E-file Status

I had 3 different discount codes. None of them worked. I have a 50% promotional link, a 20% off link from a friend's referral and 15% discount from Robinhood. NONE of them worked.


Tried different browsers, tried logging out and clicking the link, tried clearing the browser history and cache and none of it worked!


TURBOTAX marketing is clearly a scam with false statements. I will NEVER use Turbotax ever again. This is absolutely unprofessional! Smiley Sad I will inform my friends to stay clear of this site as well.


Discount code / link doesn't work E-file Status

When using a discount link or coupon from a coupon site for Turbo Tax, you must be signed out of your Turbo Tax account and then go to the discount link or coupon on coupon site and click there and then sign into your Turbo Tax Account through them, the discounted price will then be activated and show up in Turbo Tax.  It is not an unprofessional thing for Turbo Tax to offer a discounted price for their product, you just have to know the correct way to access the discount.  You could have called Turbo Tax and asked a representative and they would have told you how to get the discount.

Visitor I

Discount code / link doesn't work E-file Status

Do you work for Intuit or own stock? Because surely you must be jesting. I have tried calling them with the same question and what they tell me is -- They have no clue. Tier 2 has no clue. 


What they are great at is raising the price year in and year out. Next year, I'm moving my business elsewhere. You all should too.

Visitor IV

Discount code / link doesn't work E-file Status

From what I've been experiencing, it seems that Intuit has decided not to honor the Robinhood discount.  Throughout my use of TurboTax and the associated Robinhood discount link, their system displayed the Robinhood logo boldly at the bottom of each page which made it seem like everything was going to work out.  However, when it came time to pay ... it acted like it was never an option.  I also tried the code, still no luck.  Pretty frustrating.